Love Pageant Rally
10-6-66 - The Day They
Made Acid Illegal

On Oct 6 1966 the Day They Made Acid Illegal the Haight Ashbury celebrates in the PanHandle by holding A Love Pageant Rally which I shoot in both black and white and color film. The stills begin with an Admiral of the "Rising Tide ", Bobby "Snowfox" Beausoleil. in top hat, Bobby "Nicitica "and friend in velour, Jerry Garcia in front of Further, Ken Keasy's Prankster Bus, Acid King Luval dancing, Psychedelic Orkestra with Bobby Beausoleil soon to join Charlie Manson Gang (near) and David La Flame soon to start "It's a Beautiful Day's" (far), Captain Kiley's top Park Station Men huddle, Artist Randy Salas (l) and actor Bart Braverman (r) on Further, In the center Allen Cohen poet instigator of the Love Pageant between "Old Lady" and Allen Noonan instigator of Messiah's One World Crusade UFO Cult Bakery and Commune, several shots of Pranksters riding in on Further, Prankster Page with dayglow ball and TV reporters, Jason first Hippie Kid, Big Brother playing with Janis Joplin, Jamie's crowd, Page down front in hunters jacket and pith helmet and company riding in on Further