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Roy | | buy;pepper;spray;20m;com
Very excellent work all round;;;
12 June 2005

Samuel Morris | | sm;maddsites;com/
Your site is special!
Thank you for your work
12 June 2005 - USA

Bruce Frauman | | none!!!!???
I never visited the Straight Theatre, but did attend many great concerts with many of the same groups at Frost Amphitheatre at Stanford University in 1969-1971,
I still quote (as best as I can remember), one comedy troupe, the Congress of Wonders; Does anyone know if any of their work is still available??
7 June 2005 - South Londonderry, Vermont

Reggie's Comments   Being the Congress's manager in the late 60's enabled me to retain a good Congress collection of pictures and 16mm movies. . You can see some on the movie page and in the photo gallery where they have their own section. Unfortunately my original 1/4" audio tapes were misplaced but the link found on the links page labled the Congress of Wonders goes to a fellow that sells cd's of the record that Howard and Richard did for Fantasy records as the Congress of Wonders after Westly left the group in '69. Howard "Carl Truckload" still stays in touch and has posted several Scrawls below where one can find his eddress.

Mark Gilbert | | www;chopteeth;com
I played saxophone in 1969 at the Straight with my rock band Rush, from Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, during a big legal defense fundraiser, also including Spirit and many other bands; The lobby carpet and stairs were soaking wet; In 1975 my girlfriend lived across the street; I have continued to play all kinds of music, touring with Gladys Knight, the Dells, Four Tops (Live Aid), Cab Calloway, lots of doowop and jazz and salsa, and lately mostly with Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band, around Washington, DC - www;chopteeth;com;
31 May 2005 - Silver Spring, Maryland

Reggie's Comments   I wonder what month that was in ’69? Could it been in May for Messiah’s One World Crusade week long series of different performances?
Being in the music biz for many years I have had a chance to work as Local IATSE Crew for some of the performers you mention but I have always wanted to work a Cab Callaway gig. L&P

July;tray | | canada-online-pharmacy;flywebs;com/
Thanx for this site;
31 May 2005 - NY, USA

Reggie's Comments   I haven't visted your site yet but we find in general buying from Canada saves big bucks and helps keep our democracy more free. L&P

george | | www;tamitv;com
Just thought I would pop in again - love your site - you've done a WONDERFUL job - will be back often; I have put you in my links - hope you don't mind;
31 May 2005 - US

Reggie's Comments   Sure. I just looked and couldn't find it. I checked out the incense string of links on your site but couldn't find one for thestraight. I'll look again. L&P

Xenical | xenical;135;it
Awesome work! Great! Lets keep in touch;
23 May 2005

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Funny site, thanks!
22 May 2005

halle | | www;exportforest;com
Just found your site, WOW, very pleased I found this site;
16 May 2005 - US

serena | | www;siscape;com
Nice and thought filled site you've got here!;;;
15 May 2005 - US

Thomas Moor | | spyware;infty;net/
Site was very interesting for me
I wish you and your site everything best!
14 May 2005 - USA

Stevie Gurr | | www;emith;com
;;;I was talking to Hillel a while back,and he said you might have some old "Congress of Wonders" stuff that I remember from the old KSAN days;;;I think Bob McClay (sp;?)was the DJ that would play a bunch of it;;;I remember a particular skit that wasn't on the two records on Fantasy that I have;;;in this skit,I think it was a take on the "Wizard of Oz",where the punch line was "SEDUCE"!!!;;;jog ' yer memory???;;;Hillel said,if anyone knew,it would be you;;;I met Hillel through Billy Roberts at the old Penquin,when he and his brother had the printing press in what would later become a martial arts dojo;;;also,I grew up for a while at Cole and Fredrick,and used to go to the Haight theater before the freakier daze that ensued;;;hope to hear from you soon!!!
6 May 2005 - Valley Village,CA

Carmen Novak | | spyray;com/
What a nice site, been surfing on it for the whole night and day and i neva got bored for a single minute; Keep up your good work and all of the best in everything you do! :-)
6 May 2005 - USA

Ben Watts | | chat;infty;net/
Site was very interesting for me
I wish you and your site everything best!
29 April 2005 - USA

jiang liang | hydid;tra-vel;net
27 April 2005

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23 April 2005 - USA

google guy | | adsearch;www1;biz/
Hi friends!
16 April 2005 - UK

karol w; (the messenger,or space cadet) | | www;geocities;com/zandabird
I am in awe,so glad you have this up here; I have fond memories of going there alot in 67-69; It was so much fun;;didnt it used to be a roller rink;;lol? Hope all is well with everyone;; Breathe well,Peace and Love my friends; Lived in the commune called the S;F; Music consevatory,for awhile and also on Ashbury St; I am still an Artist of sorts,will have that site up soon;
15 April 2005 - came from Michigan via NY, to SF 1967

Reggie's Comments   Thanks for staying in touch. The roller rink feel was actually a 5000sq' parquet dance floor we built over the first 26 rows of seats. It streached from the vaudeville stage to just under the balcony and was surrouned by 40' high projection screens emercing dancers in light sound vibrations. How we got the permits and built the giant structure is quite a story as well as where the theater chairs once removed ended up. The full story is contained in "The Straight on the Haight" but where all the chairs went is still unknown. L&P

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Very good site
14 April 2005 - USA

Celestial Hysteria played at the Straight in 1968;Could have been on a show with Allman Joy; Celestial Hysteria was sought after by Seymour Stein on Sire Records; Being under age the parents would not let them sign the record contract Stein offered; They played often at Dino and Carlo's in North Beach, in Berkeley and did an audition performance at Fillmore-West; Professor John Barsotti of SF State was the keyboard player;
11 April 2005 - Concord, CA

Reggie's Comments   I remember the band. To bad about the parental roadblock. Denio and Carlos gave a starting venue to Creedence Clearwater and who knows who else could have caught the same wave. It is also interesting about another SFState (John Barsotti) connection to the Straight. L&P

travelin jack |
hey reg, stumbled upon your website
good job! i have a pretty extensive archive of 60's paper - no fillmore or avalon,thank you - and would enjoy talking with you; i am 57, came to sf in 68 from NYC have spent quite a bit of time in the bay area - presently i am back on the east coast; i have many friends you know from chet to gene anthony anyway i think we should talk
sometime please email me;all the best jack aka "travelin' jack"

9 April 2005 - east coast

Reggie's Comments   Hi Jack, I have emailed so call when ever. L&P

zan |
maybe more east coast than west, but anyone who fondly remembers a band called the Insect Trust might be saddened to know that Bill Barth (guitar player) passed away in amsterdam 18 months ago in his sleep
2 April 2005 - amsterdam

aaron | | www;furgi;net
Nice and thought filled site you've got here!;;;
17 March 2005 - US

Reggie's Comments   Hi We would love to know what aspect of the era caught your interest. L&P

jane | | www;dealpointe;com
This site is very extensive! Great work! Thanks
17 March 2005 - US

Reggie's Comments   Thanks. Stay tunned for more words, picture, and video.L&P

aadi | | www;welmers;org
Just found your site, WOW, very pleased I found this site;
17 March 2005 - US

Reggie's Comments   Hi If you are doing a term project or show several several groups have gone before. A Texas high school class did an exellent multi media presentation that the whole school could walk thorugh complete with pictures, art, and words from the era. Dig on!
Amber and her class were couragious to present a well researched history of the 60;s. Their Scrall was entered earlier.. L&P

Warren Phillips |

Did you receive my replies to your last email? Maybe I'm using the wrong edress;

13 March 2005

Reggie's Comments   Hi Warren
Yes I got your email with the mp3 cut "Roughrider" and jpgs of Mt Rushmore. The site has an email button which also gets to me. Zoe will process and post what you sent as well as any bios and links you guys care to send along. Busy morning for MT Rushmore and friends. I sent a reply email to Ed and hope we can compare notes and art.

Ed Levin |
Hi Reg -
I played drums for Mt; Rushmore, Phoenix, Salvation and a couple of others; I've been documenting my experiences in several formats ever since and would like to compare notes; I'll be in SF the weekend of April 1-2; Are you available then? Let me know;
13 March 2005 - Los Angeles, CA

Reggie's Comments   Hi Ed
I just sent you an email with details. L&P

marry | | www;ilikeyou;biz
I like the way the website was so organized and it had all the info I needed for a school project;
10 March 2005 - KRLD

monkey | | www;greenmine;com
i love your work; keep it up!!
10 March 2005 - KRLD

tom costello |
is there anyone out there who has personal knowledge about warren whiting? i was led to believe he had some connection to the haight, i;e; via the san francisco mime troupe
4 March 2005 - east coast

Alex Call |
Hey, I was member of Clover, and I noticed you had a Straight Theater poster with Mt;Rushmore ( ah, the memories flood back;;er, or something);; and Clover;; Is that available? and , if so, how much?thanks, Alex Call
3 March 2005

Reggie's Comments   I will send you a list of posters and handbills which feature Clover and scarsity and condition will determine the price. Prices usually range from 1-500.
Keep those memories flowing. You guys were regulars at the Straight, like family. If you have some recollections of time spent at the theater or pictures please send it along.
This goes for any patrons, partiers and artists who hung out or visited the Straight during the wild 60's. L&P

Jon Hammond | jonhammondband;com
Hi Reggie,
Just saw your Straight Theatre website;;;great man! I played psyhedelic electric accordion there in 1968 and backed up Shlomo Carlbach there one time;;;that takes me way back!! Keep up the great tradition; Best wishes, Jon JON HAMMOND International, Inc; www;jonhammondband;com *loads of pics going all the way back to 1966 my first gigs: http://community;webtv;net/laterent/JONHAMMOND
3 March 2005

Reggie's Comments   Honored you stopped by. Stop by again and share your past, present and future music experiences . L&P

James Dean |
This is a really cool site! It is great to learn of some of this "forgotten history";

I am not sure if you could help me out; I have a copy of Jim Phillip's poster "the Next Supper" which is in pretty good condition; It is framed and on my wall at home; In your notes on the web site it stated that there were only 5000 printed of this poster; Was there ever a reprint? There is a Straight Graphics 68 copyright in the lower left corner off the image on the one that I have; I really think this is great art and would love to confirm that it is original and I can boast about it when my friends visit; I am so glad that this was printed; There is definitely a statement that projects from this image;
Thanks, James Dean
3 March 2005

Reggie's Comments   Yes, the only printed copies of Jim's daring Next Supper were by Straight Graphics and bear that name and 68 in to Lower corner. I am going to forward this to Jim as I'm sure he'll be pleased. L&P

cigarette | | cigarette;choovak;info
Thanx a lot for this site; I found it very usefull;

1 March 2005 - USA

Drope Pope | | phentermine30;pochta;org/
What a nice site, been surfing on it for the whole night and day and i neva got bored for a single minute; Keep up your good work and all of the best in everything you do! :-)
1 March 2005 - USA

chris | | www;westlife;biz
I like the way the website was so organized and it had all the info I needed for a school project;
22 February 2005 - KRLD

Richard Lewis | | www;gopesto;com
Did I hear The Straight was dusted about 20 year ago? Just surfing on a Saturday Night and came across the site; Aren't memories wonderful?
3 February 2005 - B;C; Canada

Reggie's Comments  
Thanks for the nice email I just had to post it. Yes the building was demolished rebuilt as an apartment house which I believe burned down and is now a Goodwill Store. Yes memories are great, stay tuned.

Did you ever visit the Straight or have any special memories from back then? If So please pass on some of what you remember. Email or Post. L&P

oh!!! this sight is groovy!!! I wish i was a child of the '60's;but,o no;had to be born in the '90's!! ;)
31 January 2005 - Canada

bing | | www;superstitionpercussion;info
came saw scrawled :D
12 December 2004 - pheonix AZ

Nigel Smith | www;games2download;com
You have a fabulous page about the 60's music, keep up the good work!
24 October 2004 - London

Reggie's Comments   Thanks for stoppen in. L&P rew

IM |
Hi - what a wonderful site! So rich and full of information;

But I wanted to point out that the RealAudio file of the GD at the Straight on 7/23/67on the Sounds page could not possibly be from that date; It's a recording of Dark Star and Robt; Hunter didn't even give the lyrics for Dark Star to the band until their Rio Nido show on 9/3/67; Plus, based on the jam that file fades into, this Dark Star is from around '73; Perhaps you uploaded the wrong file?
12 October 2004 - New England

Reggie's Comments   Hi Thanks for your opinion which I don't share as I was there when Neal gave his rap in front of the Dead at the live sound check before their performance Sunday July 23, 1967, the Straight's opening weekend, and was archived by our Technical Director, Luther Greene. It was also attached in the form of a vinal insert to a early on Dead book by Hank Harrison and also documented with annotation on a Neal Cassady site elsewhere on the web. The instrumental which follows might be later as it was sent to me by an independent source attached to an audio copy of the Neal GD piece. L&P rew

Stacey | | webpages;charter;net/staceyshippyhaven
Grateful Dead is the best;

I have a couple of sites too
26 September 2004 - London ky

Harold Adler - LSD VISUALS | | www;pbase;com/adlerphotos
I am Doing A Psychedelic Light Show at the OAKLAND MUSEUM of CALIFORNIA on Friday October 1, 2004/ County Joe McDonald and Shana Morrison are performing In Concert 7-10 PM Liquid Sircus Delights - LSD Visuals
17 September 2004 - Oakland California

Breanna |
My name is Breanna;
I just wanted to say that your website is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 September 2004 - Collinsville AL

Breanna Burt |
I was wondering if you could tell me how non hippies dressed in the 60's

My e-mail adress is herbert_burt@msn;com
14 September 2004 - Collinsville AL

John E; Denison | | www;focusonyourlife;net
On the second page of my web site is a picture of me and a friend standing in front of the Straight in 1974, it is a Good Will Store now; Things have changed alot I went back there last January; I used to live at Oak and Cole with the Good Earth and the White Panthers;
12 August 2004 - I have been stuck in Dallas for 25 years

Reggie's Comments   Thanks for check'n in. I have a nice poster (not for sale) of the Theater and Haight Street from '73 when a group wanted the city to give them the Straight. Since then it has been torn down, a Wallgreens, Good Will, burnt down, and apartments. I do have a few limited edition full color and size silkscreen reprints of the White Panther MC5 Straight poster by Gary Grimshaw. They are signed and numbered by the talented artist. L&P rew

Harold Adler- Photographer | | www;pbase;com/adlerphotos
On August 28th the Oakland Museum of California is having a BIG Exhibition on "What's Going On?-California and the Vietnam Era" I encourage EVERYONE to see it; It Runs through Feb 27,2005 and than travels; http://www;museumca;org
8 August 2004 - Berkeley, California

Reggie's Comments   Thanks Harold for the info. We'll all keep digging. L&P rew

aleoko | | www;metalfurniture;biz
Congratulations for you; Your site looks great; Good luck with your site ! I enjoyed the visit good stuff
31 July 2004 - Szczecin/Poland

Reggie's Comments   Hope you come back and bring friends. Out of almost 200,000 hits Currently the gets many visitors from at least 40 countries. They only report 40 so more than that are logging on. L&P rew

ydesigner | www;ydesigner;com
The Straight Theater lives! A few years ago, I went back to SF, back to the Haight, and looked for the Straight; It was gone; Thank you for your wonderful website; Just happened upon it because I was thinking about Joe Gostanian and the production of Julius Caesar he directed at the Straight, with all the togas made from Indian bedspreads; I did something backstage; exactly what escapes me
21 July 2004

Reggie's Comments   Your memory comes on the anniversary of July 21-23 1967 when Joe and Julius Caesar's cast and crew joined the Dead, Janis and Big Brother, Quicksilver, Country Joe, the Charlatans and many more great bands, Light Show, and performing artists in Opening the late but still great Straight. Thanks for the reminder. I look forward to releasing this exciting chapter from "The Straight on the Haight". P&L Reg E

phpdeveloper; | www;phpdeveloper;com
Good site
21 July 2004

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